Celebrities often live their lives in the public eye, with their actions and choices subject to scrutiny and admiration alike. While some use their influence to promote healthy lifestyles, there are those who are seen indulging in habits that are less than beneficial, such as smoking cigarettes. In this article, we delve into a list of celebrities that smoke cigarettes known to smoke cigarettes, shedding light on their choices and the impact on their image.

  1. Johnny Depp

Known for his versatile acting roles and charismatic persona, Johnny Depp has been a smoker for many years. Despite his on-screen charm, Depp's smoking habit has been a cause for concern among his fans. Over the years, he has been photographed smoking cigarettes, but he has also been candid about his struggles to quit.

  1. Kate Moss

Renowned supermodel Kate Moss has been in the spotlight for decades, and her rebellious image has often been associated with her smoking habit. Moss has been spotted smoking on numerous occasions, and her laissez-faire attitude toward her habit has sparked debates about the influence her actions might have on her fanbase.

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has long been admired for his talent and activism. However, he has also been photographed smoking cigarettes both on and off-screen. DiCaprio's commitment to environmental causes contrasts with the harmful effects of smoking, raising questions about the consistency of his public image.

  1. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, known for her role in the "Twilight" series and her unconventional style, has been open about her smoking habit. Despite her fame and influence, Stewart's choice to smoke cigarettes has drawn criticism from some who feel that she could set a better example for her young fanbase. 

  1. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's struggles with substance abuse have been widely documented, and her cigarette smoking is another habit that has made headlines. While Lohan's career has had its ups and downs, her public image has been marred by controversies related to her lifestyle choices.

  1. Zayn Malik

Former One Direction member turned solo artist, Zayn Malik, has been spotted smoking on multiple occasions. His image as a heartthrob to a younger audience has led to concerns about the impact of his actions on his fanbase's perceptions of smoking.

  1. Keira Knightley

Acclaimed actress Keira Knightley has been seen smoking both in public and in movies. Known for her roles in period dramas and blockbusters alike, Knightley's portrayal of various characters sometimes includes scenes involving smoking.

  1. Robert Pattinson

Another "Twilight" star, Robert Pattinson, has been seen smoking on multiple occasions. Pattinson's public image has been shaped by his role as Edward Cullen in the vampire-themed franchise, but his smoking habit might not align with the image he projects to his fans.


  1. Justin Bieber

Pop sensation Justin Bieber's lifestyle has been the subject of intense media scrutiny. While his music career has been incredibly successful, his actions off-stage have raised eyebrows, including his smoking habit. His influence on a young audience has prompted discussions about the responsibility celebrities bear when it comes to setting an example.

  1. Lady Gaga

Known for her eccentric style and powerful performances, Lady Gaga has also been spotted smoking cigarettes in the past. Her commitment to individuality and expression contrasts with the health risks associated with smoking.


Celebrities often find themselves in a unique position of influence, as their actions can shape perceptions and behaviours on a large scale. While some celebrities openly smoke cigarettes, their choices come with potential consequences. Fans and critics alike grapple with the notion of whether these actions align with the responsibility celebrities have to their impressionable audiences. As public figures continue to navigate their personal lives under the watchful eye of the media and the public, the discussion around the impact of their choices remains an ongoing conversation.